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Please read thoroughly. By making a booking you confirm to have fully read and agreed to all our terms, conditions, and rules.

Terms, Conditions and Pool Rules

Before Your First Swim

  • An intro swim is essential and required; normal time slots cannot be booked until this has been completed.  Intro sessions last 45 minutes.

  • You MUST inform us if your dog has a history of biting, is reactive, or unsociable. This does not preclude you from coming, it is simply to ensure the safety of staff and customers and the correct handling of your dog whilst you are with us.

  • Unfortunately, a drop-in service is not available for any of our swimming sessions, we can only accommodate the people that have booked.  Late booking availability may be available so please call the office.

Before Every Swim

  • Please make sure your dog has been groomed of any loose hair, is clean and mud free before attending his swim session.

  • Please ensure your dog has been to the toilet before entering, a surcharge of £50 will be required if your dog defecates in the pool.  This will cover closure of the pool and to be thoroughly cleaned before any further dogs can swim.

  • Your dog should not eat for a minimum of 2 hours before swimming to avoid risk of bloat, sickness or fouling the pool and we advise you don’t feed them for at least 2 hours afterwards.

  • If your dog(s) have any health problems, injuries, are on any medication or recovering from surgery then we will require a consent to swim letter from your own vet.

Your Visit

  • Please arrive 10 minutes early and wait in the waiting area.  DO NOT enter the pool room. This is to avoid possible incidents with any off-lead dogs that may be enjoying their session.

  • When entering and leaving the premises you must use the waiting area and correct doors. This is to prevent dogs of different households meeting each other.

  • The shop is always open for visitors but if you have a dog with you please ring the bell and wait to be welcomed.

  • All sessions will last 30 minutes; this includes arrival and departure time unless you have booked back-to-back sessions.

  • Your 30 minute session includes the time taken to enter and exit the pool. We ask that you and your dog exit the pool swiftly at the end of your session to allow access to the pool for the next session.  If you are late for your appointment, you will lose part of your allocated time as we run concurrent appointments. If there is no client booked in after your session then we may allow you to carry over any lost time to make up for your late arrival, however, this is not guaranteed.

  • When not in the pool room your dog(s) must be kept under control and on a lead.

  • Owners must wear nonslip footwear and always be careful as the floors can become wet and slippery.

  • No more than 3 dogs will be allowed from the same household at any one time.

  • At all times any dog(s) in your charge are the responsibility of their owners/professional sitter/walker whilst on the premises, both inside and out.

  • Children aged 16 years and older are welcome to swim with dogs but always remain the responsibility of their parent(s).

  • Should you choose to enter the pool and swim with your dog, then you do so at your own risk. You Are Your dogs lifeguard.

  • Customers who wish to use the dryers on their dog have responsibility for their appropriate use and staff will not assume any responsibility for their safe operation.

  • Whilst every care is taken to provide dog safety and maintenance of the water and equipment, all dogs use the swimming pool at their owner’s risk.

  • Please be respectful of our facilities, the businesses, and public areas around our centre. You are responsible for clearing up after your dog and disposing of waste in the appropriate bin.  If you forget to bring waste bags, then please ask for one as we always have these available.

  • We cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to your vehicle or personal property whilst attending the premises.

  • Scuba Doo reserve the right to refuse entry to any dog and to cancel any session due to circumstances outside of our control (including but not limited to power cuts, pool fouling, defecation etc).  Please make sure we can contact you via telephone on the day of your booked session.

  • Photographs will only be taken with your full permission.  However, should you choose to attend our premises with guests, we have no control over the release of photographs being put on social media by your guests.

  • Dogs should always be encouraged and praised. They must never be pushed, shoved, or thrown into the pool.

  • A 5-minute swim equates to a 5-mile run for your dog, therefore we do not recommend that any dog uses the pool for more than 15 minutes constantly.

  • We are NOT hydro therapists; we are a dog swimming/dog exercise facility.

  • Our aim is to provide fun exercise encouraging weight control and fitness, enrichment and bonding/socialisation.  No medical advice will be given.

When You Cannot Visit

  • If your dog suffers from any skin conditions, eye or ear infections you should not allow your dog to swim and must cancel your appointments until the condition has cleared up.  Cancellation must be done allowing 48 hours’ notice as per the Booking Policy.

  • Bitches in season are not permitted in the premises until after their season has finished.

  • If your dog has suffered with diarrhoea in the last 7 days please do not bring them to the centre and rebook when you know they are fully well.

Are you a professional Dog Sitter/Dog Walker?

  • You must have business insurance, provide written permission from the individual dogs’ owners and prior permission from Scuba Doo.

  • Any professional sitters/walkers using the facility with dogs from different households as part of their services, do so at their own risk.

I agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions, Pool Rules and Booking Policy
I understand Scuba Doo will not accept any bookings until this form is signed either digitally via submission here or via a paper copy on attendance, which will be kept on file

Thank you

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